Stotts Named CHA Director

By Lynda Jones
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Kelly Stotts, a former office manager at the Crockett Housing Authority (CHA), will return to the CHA on Tuesday, March 1, as the new executive director.

The CHA Board of Commissioners met in executive session for about two hours. For approximately 30 minutes each, the board interviewed two appicants, Stotts and Maintenance Supervisor Mark Stephenson.

Commissioner Pam Wells said both candidates have a lot to add to the CHA, and her sentiments were echoed by Commissioners Danny Ory and Joni Clonts.

Ory made the motion to hire Stotts, with her salary to start at $52,000 with incentives that include contributions to a 401K plan totalling 13% of her gross income as well as contributions to medical and dental insurance. Stotts also will receive a $500/month car allowance until the CHA board decides to purchase a vehicle for CHA use.

The vote was unanimous in favor of hiring Stotts. Clonts said the commissioners wanted both Stotts and Stephenson, with Stephenson remaining as the maintenance supervisor. Stephenson said he thought it was "a great decision".
Clonts said, "These are the first steps to a new beginning (for the CHA)."