Kennard ISD To Install Security Camera System

By Katie Duvall
Courier Reporter

Monday, March 14, was the day that the Kennard Board of Trustees met at 6:30 p.m. to oversee school matters. The board opened the meeting with prayer and then smoothly transitioned into the items listed on the agenda.

An item of pressing importance was discussed rather early in the meeting. Interim Superintendent Fred Rush went into the details of the upcoming installation of security cameras for the school. The board had questions about the two different cameras they were choosing between. One camera was an IP and the other was HD.

"There's really no difference between the two cameras. They are both HD cameras, the difference between the IP and HD cameras is really the cable that they operate on. The IP camera has to operate on a CAT 5 cable and the HD camera can operate on a CAT 5 and co-axle cable," Rush explained. Safe Code will be used to replace the camera system with a cost of $21,515 with a 10-year warranty and a three-year warranty on the hard drive.

Next up on the agenda was the cancelling of the School Trustee Election for May 7.

"Board members we have two positions up for election this cycle and we have two candidates that have signed up for the vacant positions so those have filled those two vacant positions. So we do not need to do that (hold an election)," Rush said. The motion was passed with all members in favor for the cancellation.

Counselor Amy Gladden was called upon to speak about two Students of the Month. The first student was Emily Walters, a seventh grader, who placed in district for UIL in writing and came first in district in Science. The second Student of the Month was high school student Lindsey Cole who is the Class Favorite, participates in UIL writing, was Homecoming Queen, played varsity softball and volleyball for four years, and is the FFA secretary this year.

All the items on the agenda were discussed and the board broke into their executive meeting at 7:06 p.m. The members came out from the meeting several minutes later to vote on personnel issues discussed in the closed session.

The board extended contracts for two individuals for one more year. Then the board approved the hiring of a new superintendent with all members in favor of the motion.

Malinda Lindsey will become the new superintendent of Kennard ISD in the upcoming weeks. Lindsey was named as the lone finalist for the position on Feb. 28.

The board meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. unless informed otherwise.