CEIDC Hears Update On Dealership From Gentry At Meeting

By Alton Porter
Courier Reporter
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The Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation Board of Directors had planned to hear updates on the three proposed new facilities at the corporation's industrial park at a meeting Friday, Aug. 18.

Those facilities are the firefighters training center, planned by the Houston County Firefighters Association and Emergency Services District No. 2; the Muscles and Curves business owned by Houston County Precinct 2 Commissioner Willie Kitchen; and the Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Crockett auto dealership.

However, due to a medical emergency in CEIDC Executive Director James Gentry's family and the inability of some of the scheduled updates presenters to attend the meeting, it was shortened and only an update of the car dealership was given.

The review of progress toward the firefighter training facility was tabled, and the CEIDC board members agreed to reschedule Kitchen's update on efforts toward the establishment of his business in Crockett Industrial Park.

Gentry, who received a letter he requested from planned partial dealership owners Bill and Marinda Sweatt, presented the update on the dealership.

"One of the things I know everybody is interested in knowing, both the board and the city as whole, is our Chrysler dealership status," Gentry said. "Last month, we had talked about a temporary facility to make a presence here sooner than later."

However, "they (the proposed dealership's owners) went before the Chrysler Corp. at a national meeting in Florida, ...and they were encouraged to forego the temporary and go full board," Gentry said. "With that in mind, they (the owners) were told that they (corporation representatives) wanted them to go back and meet with the Chrysler Capital people.

"They met in Houston two weeks ago. Part of that involves some more paperwork or documentation or rebidding because they (the owners) had already done a lot of work with contractors lining up for the temporary.

"Well, they have almost shuffled the board now and come back with a full package. That was a little frustrating on their (the owners) part that they had to do that. But, the positive of that is that the Chrysler is doing the full financing."

Gentry said he met with Chrysler Capital representatives, who visited Crockett two weeks ago, and they were "quite impressed" after touring the proposed dealership site and the City of Crockett.

"They told me, 'It's on us to get this (complete the paperwork for the financing) done before the end of the year,'" Gentry added. "So, they're in the process of doing the reappraisals, all of that, right now."

Gentry explained, the corporation representatives and dealership owners project that construction of the proposed $8 million dealership will take between seven and 10 months after all financial agreements are signed, approvals are given and decisions on contractors are made. And that is projected to take place by November.

CEIDC Board President Ansel Bradshaw noted, the Crockett City Council voted Aug. 15, 2016, to abate property taxes to be levied on the dealership for a number of years.

"So, it's good that the word is finally getting out that everything is trying to come together because there's been a year to where it's just kind of set there," Bradshaw said.

"That's encouraging news because it (building the dealership) certainly creates opportunities for the City of Crockett, the citizens of Crockett, as well as Houston County."

In other business, the CEIDC board members accepted the resignation of Board Vice President Gene Glover, who stated in a letter, he has accepted a full-time position with the Rice Consolidated ISD.

"(I) will not be able to drive the distance to serve in the capacity (of board member) as needed and required," Glover said.
Glover was appointed to a two-year term on the CEIDC board by the Crockett City Council on Jan. 9, and was elected vice president by board members on Feb. 20.