Dogs Take Show On The Road

With three straight home wins under their belts, Crockett Bulldogs hit the road for the first time Friday against the Madisonville Mustangs.

The Class 4A Mustangs (1-2) won their season opener over Diboll 11-8, but have since lost to Woodville 28-14 and Caldwell 54-36.

The undefeated Bulldogs are ranked No. 4 in Class 3A DII by the Padilla Poll, which has Newton at No. 1.

Crockett is riding momentum from a 37-14 win over a Class 4A Rusk squad.

"We played one of our better games all the way around," said Bulldog Head Coach Jimmy Thompson. "Special teams did an exceptionally good job. Our punting and kickoff team pinned Rusk deep most of the time. We didn't get a great punt return, but we had some decent kickoff returns."

Defensively, Thompson noted, "We gave up two scores, which isn't a bad night against a quality opponent. At times, we could have done a better job on defense."

"Offensively, we did a pretty good job. We turned the ball over twice and we didn't score on our first drive of the third quarter, so that was a concern. Then we got into the two-back set and I thought we did really well."

"It was probably our best overall game so far," added Thompson. "But a team should be playing better overall by the third week than you were the first or second week."

Reviewing season rushing stats, Thompson said, "What impresses me is that we have eight guys that have carried the ball at least five times."

Crockett's receiver corps has multiple weapons too. "We don't have just one player that an opponent can shut down and completely stop our passing game. We have different people making catches, and overall BJ (Anderson) is throwing well."

Thompson added, "We're progressing at the rate we'd like to. You don't want to be playing your best football in September or October. You want to play your best game in November and December, and we're making progress. I certainly don't think we've reached the level needed to be a championship team. From week one to week two to week three we've made progress. That's the main thing we're looking for."